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Hello, I'm Sumant S. Pendharkar

The only broker you will ever want

About Me

Sumant, Founder of Moneterra, is a long term Bay Area resident. He has trained more than 400 real estate agents and is an author of 11 books. You are sure to enjoy your conversation with him. With knowledge based on 7 financial and professional licenses, he will expertly navigate your home sale on your terms.

Sumant S. Pendharkar

The Company

I came up with the name Moneterra for my company name by adding two words: Money and Terra (terra in Latin means land and by my extension – property). In life we make important decisions related to money (investments, annuities, long term care etc.) and properties – primary residence, rental properties, land etc.

Before I share with you what services I offer, I want to first share with you an unfortunate life experience. When I was just about 40 years of age, I received financial advice which was well-meaning, but not the best financially thought out. The implication of that advice which I unfortunately took, is costing me approximately $5000 per month for as long as my wife or I live.

My pledge as above applies to:

When I decided to get licensed in the world of real estate and mortgage financing, I made a pledge that any financial advice I give my clients will be as comprehensive and forward looking as possible.


I have the following formal education and licenses:

I will with proven expertise sell your home or help you buy one.

In addition to the above, I have written 11 books in tech, self-parenting for teens, career planning and education published by Random House, Prentice Hall McGraw-Hill and some by myself.

Full Service Agent

It's a privilege to see my client family expand solely through referrals from satisfied clients. My proven methods provide my clients with a distinct edge in today's competitive market landscape.

My Approach

My goal is not only to make a positive impact on our own lives and those of our families but also to inspire, encourage, and catalyze lasting change in everyone we encounter.

My Values

This guiding principle fuels both my work ethic and the success of my business, propelling me to cultivate enduring connections with clients.